Thought I would share with you what happened to me downtown at
Saturday market today here in Eugene Oregon

The general manager and her head of security approached me I introduced
my self, the general manager tells me that someone had complained
about me “aggressively invading their privacy” by photographing them
sometime back, I pointed out this is public and there is no
expectation of privacy, she accepted this but then went on to say they
felt there was something weird about the pictures of women I was
taking and that when the general manager saw me I was taking a picture
of a women, I pointed out the women is also a busker (she was playing
ukulele with a baby in a back pack !) I tried to fish for a little
more info about what the person complained about there are many people
downtown with cameras taking pictures so I wanted to see if this was a case
mistaken identity, at this point the general manager insinuated I was
taking upskirt pictures, I pointed out it would be pretty absurd to
use a 50+ year old TLR medium format all manual camera to do that.

By this time I was pretty upset at the insinuation that taking any type
of pictures of women is “weird”. I guess women and children are on
the list of things that are weird to take photos of. Sad this mind set
has made its way to The Lane County Fair and now Eugene Saturday market.

Keep Shooting !